Posted: 25.01.2022 12:00:25

Lukashenko speaks of role of knowledge and technology

On meeting representatives of the National Academy of Sciences today, the President of Belarus stressed: he was glad that scientists managed to wisely use their intellectual potential and the opportunities that the state opened up for them


“We have been jointly writing the history of our Belarusian science for almost a third of a century. We develop modern technologies, implement innovative projects, and create new production facilities. These are the results of your work that have predetermined Belarus’ achievements in such industries as space, information security, mechanical engineering, energy, precision agriculture and others. We have made significant progress in creation of new drugs and techniques in oncology, traumatology, treatment of infectious diseases, cardiology, the use of stem cells, and transplantology," the Head of State stressed.

It has developed historically that our successes do not please our geopolitical competitors, Aleksandr Lukashenko believes. “They have always irritated and provoked the so-called collective West into inappropriate behaviour and actions towards Belarus. However, despite the sanctions that we face now in our work and development, we have achieved a lot. The situation is currently complicated by the COVID pandemic, a new round of economic and political blackmail, and the escalation of military hysteria on the Belarusian borders. You all see it and understand it not worse than me,” the Head of State addressed those present.

The President added: modern times are not easy. However, our country has always coped with difficulties. According to him, the latter always motivated and helped solve seemingly unsolvable tasks. The Head of State stressed that global changes are taking place in the information and technical spheres – and we already see them.

“Knowledge and technology are being updated rapidly. Those who lose this race are at risk of losing everything, including the country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.