Posted: 07.10.2022 15:34:00

Lukashenko shared his view on how to handle the immediate situation

It is not Belarus and Russia that should seek a way out of the current international situation, but those who have created it – as stated by President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in his talk to journalists upon arrival at an informal summit of the CIS heads of state in St. Petersburg, BelTA reports

Journalists asked what way the Belarusian leader sees out of the current international situation. "Why should we search for a solution to some international situation?” Aleksandr Lukashenko responded. “It is not we who should look for a way out of the international situation. We did not go in there, and we are not going to come out with any attempts. Let them look for a way out of the international situation in which they have found themselves.”

The President emphasised that journalists do not have all the information about what is happening. "They have been looking for this way out for a long time already," he stressed.