Posted: 13.06.2024 14:40:00

Lukashenko: selection to President’s Academy of Public Administration should be similar to party selection formerly

Head of State Aleksandr Lukashenko has appointed Igor Buzovsky – who worked before as Deputy Information Minister – as Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Presenting the candidacy of the new head of the university, First Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Maksim Ryzhenkov recommended him as a proven and worthy person who worked in the President Administration, as well as in other high positions.

However, Aleksandr Lukashenko primarily asked about shortcomings, “There is no one without flaws…”

According to Maksim Ryzhenkov, there are no visible flaws. “He is already a mature person who has held a lot of serious positions at Minsk’s Tsentralny District, the BSRM Youth Union, and the President Administration. He is a candidate of sociological sciences in the issues of information security.”

“I just want to underlined that there should be no more mistakes there [at the Academy of Public Administration],” Aleksandr Lukashenko explained. “It should be an exceptionally reliable, professional and appropriate person. This is a serious educational establishment preparing senior personnel. It is necessary to reform it in the sense that only those who need to study there should study. The state needs should be taken into account. Some graduated from the Academy of Public Administration but they actually didn’t need it. Why did we teach them and spend money on this? We need to work with the President Administration to develop a clear system of who should receive education at the Academy of Public Administration. There should be a selection there, as it used to be before when selecting party members.”

“For the last two years, all graduates of the first stage have been assigned to government bodies and organisations. There is even a queue of those wishing to employ them,” Mr. Ryzhenkov noted.

“It’s good that they all deserve to work at state service,” Aleksandr Lukashenko responded. “However, we must understand that somewhere we made a mistake during enrolment. Therefore, not everyone can join the state service. There is a ‘golden hundred’ [an annual enrolment of one hundred students studying at the expense of the budget], and these should be exceptional people. They must be patriotic to the core. We should know them even before the Komsomol period. This is what relates to the first stage.”

The Head of State also drew attention to those who receive their second education at the Academy of Public Administration, “There should be an even stricter approach. The first question is whether a person should or should not be trained there. Maybe some need to get this education for the future. However, nothing should be solved without penetrating into details.”

The Academy of Public Administration is also engaged in both professional advanced training and retraining.

“It is absolutely necessary to use a principal approach everywhere,” the President underlined.

Addressing Igor Buzovsky, the President noted, “You are a reliable, loyal professional. But if you think that it will be easier there than at your previous job, you’re mistaken. It’s the hardest job, and already under my control. It’s also necessary to involve all of us in various forms in teaching at this Academy. An official, a civil servant must visit the Academy all the time. They have a lot of experience and much information. It’s very important to convey this to our students at the Academy. Therefore, it is also necessary to restore order here.”