Posted: 05.12.2022 16:37:00

Lukashenko’s proposal for global dialogue is the basis for promoting peace–loving initiatives

Parliamentarians can play a more significant role in the CSTO effective positioning within the system of international relations – as stated by the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Vladimir Andreichenko, at a visiting session of the Council and the 15th plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation

Photo by press service of the House of Representatives of Belarus’ National Assembly

“The main directions of this work rely on the principle of indivisibility of security and economic development as an integral condition for a stable world, opposing the policy of pressure and sanctions, and showcasing the illegitimacy and absurdity of the latter in terms of the reverse effect, demonstration of the openness and readiness of our countries for an equal and respectful dialogue, as well as expansion of the number of states and organisations acting as partners and like-minded structures,” Mr. Andreichenko said, adding that a complete denial of the possibility of dialogue is observed from the Western side.

“The inferiority of such a course is increasingly being realised by ordinary citizens and sober-minded politicians in the West. Moreover, behind the so-called struggle for democracy, actions to reduce the level of this democracy in the Western countries themselves are clearly visible. Anyone who disagrees with a course or a price proposed to be paid for the fight against ‘authoritarianism’ in the form of an unprecedented price and inflation growth, job cuts, and a decrease in the quality of life turns into an accomplice of the enemy and is persecuted. So where is the notorious freedom of speech that the Western countries were so proud of?” the Belarusian politician added.

Mr. Andreichenko expressed confidence that many politicians see the hidden dangers that the current situation is fraught with, “Our task is to actively establish contacts and work for the future with those for whom the ideals of peace, global security, economic development, and the welfare of citizens are not mere words, but fundamental values. We see the Belarusian President’s proposal to establish a global security dialogue as a basis for promoting peace-loving initiatives. Peace and stability can be ensured only on the basis of full equality, respect for the independence and sovereignty of states, and the resolution of controversial issues through negotiations. This position is shared by most countries of the world, and this is evidenced by our contacts with fellow parliamentarians from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”

The Belarusian representative stated that, despite all the difficulties and pressure exerted, the CSTO member states will become not just witnesses, but also active participants in the formation of a new, fair system of the world order. “Everything is in our hands! I hope for constructive and fruitful work next year in Minsk, on the Belarusian land that is peaceful, hospitable and not alien to you,” Mr. Andreichenko stated.