Posted: 11.03.2024 09:23:00

Lukashenko’s press secretary: President has no days off

Belarus’ President has no days off on his schedule – as noted by the press secretary of the Head of State, Natalya Eismont, in her talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel


“The President's schedule incudes not just public events, not just that Belarusians can see in TV or read on the Internet: it is full of daily reports from the heads of various authorities, structures, enterprises, and so on. These reports are made throughout a day, and often until late in the evening – and the President’s schedule has no such notion as ‘a day off’. I know for sure that our various officials, including heads of the security, law enforcement agencies and other branches of government, report to the President on an ongoing basis, also on Saturdays and Sundays. Moreover, these reports are often quite lengthy,” Ms. Eismont said.