Posted: 11.08.2023 11:44:00

Lukashenko reported on changes in Minsk National Airport infrastructure

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has visited the Minsk National Airport today, where he was reported on the prospects of the company's work

The conversation started with the discussion of the reconstruction of the first runway. As reported to the Head of State, current repairs are being carried out there (after the second runway was put into operation in 2019).

Despite the fact that the passenger traffic has noticeably decreased in conditions of the sanctions and one runway might be enough for the airport, Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded not to forget about the first runway, “Keep in mind that it  should be in working order. This runway should be in normal state. The second one was built, but this one should not be abandoned. It should be in perfect condition. It is necessary to do this in any circumstances.”

The conversation also focused on the railway connection of the airport with Minsk, Smolevichi and Zhodino, as well as the construction of parking lots.

“We are doing everything for the future,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. “Something might not be needed today due to the developed circumstances, but we must understand that it might be in demand tomorrow.”

The construction of a new passenger terminal was also discussed, and an initial target of five million passengers per year was set. The National Airport enjoyed such a passenger flow in the past, and the figure is planned to be reached again by 2027. This is a prospect which needs to be thought about right now.

“It should be done, if it is in demand,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.

The Head of State also asked about the work of the airport in the conditions of sanctions.