Posted: 17.06.2024 12:51:00

Lukashenko reported by Belarus’ PM, with focus on the economy, trade balance and personnel issues

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has been reported today by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko

Before Roman Golovchenko began reporting, the Head of State noted that the economy is developing this year, though alarming factors are also present. It was on the latter that Aleksandr Lukashenko focused his attention, “As I have seen in the media at various levels, negative balance is developing in the country, although it is not great. I guess the Economy Ministry and the Government should have paid attention to this situation and analysed it. What can you say about payments at the highest level? What is the situation with accounts receivable and payable?”

The Head of State also asked how Belarus is progressing in terms of maintenance of its equipment, “We agreed that it is necessary to create unified centres for the maintenance of all Belarusian equipment and to determine their locations – i.e. in Russia, China, and elsewhere.”

Another question from the President concerned the situation with overdue debts. “I am being reported that we have certain unsettled issues with regard to construction as well,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President also focused on agriculture, “We need to concentrate our efforts on fields, and a good harvest is likely if the situation continues developing in the present way. We will have to harvest all crops, even if we will have a surplus of grain. This will never hurt, as this is our ‘gold’ reserve.”

In addition, personnel issues in the Government were also on the agenda.

Mr. Golovchenko reported to the Head of State on the results of the economy in five months, noting that the Government sees how the situation will develop by the end of H1 2024.

“Actually, we are already looking into the results of the year. Based on the results of the five-month work, four out of the five main indicators of socio-economic development have been fulfilled and exceeded: GDP is now at the level of 105.2 percent, investments —109.6 percent, real incomes of the population (which is very important) — 109.8 percent, and the consumer price index within the forecast range — 2.8 percent (since the beginning of the year),” the PM informed.

At the same time, such an indicator as exports has been underperformed. According to Mr. Golovchenko, it is 102.1 percent against the last year's level, while the planned 104 percent have not been met. The growth is mainly due to an increase in physical export volumes (by 8.7 percent).