Posted: 03.07.2022 02:29:00

Lukashenko: quiet life in Belarus is worth a lot

During his speech at a solemn meeting in the Palace of the Republic, Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the rumours that periodically arise in the public space about the alleged occupation of Belarus by Russia


In particular, he stated, “It is often written nowadays in mass media that Belarus is occupied, Lukashenko does not decide anything, there are no authorities in Belarus anymore, Putin controls everything. I want you to understand: they [Western opponents] are now using all sorts of methods and principles to fight us. They are trying to pull me to the quick: ‘Lukashenko is no longer there, he does not make decisions’. Remember: not a single step in Belarus, especially today, is taken without the consent and demand of President Lukashenko. It will be so as long as I am the President!

The Belarusian leader underlined, “Dear Belarusians, don’t worry for your security, sovereignty and independence. I once asked you if you are ready to pay for this? You must understand that we do pay. This peace and quiet life in Belarus are worth a lot, and we pay for it. Independence is what every person in any state dreams of, but this is expensive.”

Addressing the Belarusians, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked, “Please, do as I told you yesterday, today and I will always say: do your job at your workplace. Then we will always be sovereign and independent. It is very difficult for us now, there is a change of generations. It has always been like this, but when there is a radical change of generations against the backdrop of these events, it is difficult for any state and for any nation. Especially for countries like us. Therefore, we need to be united. We need to come together and overcome all difficulties. Then we will be truly sovereign and independent!”