Posted: 27.12.2021 13:18:00

Lukashenko: Our Children campaign unites two generations of Belarusians

The Palace of the Republic hosts a New Year charity holiday today held as part of Our Children campaign which has brought together 2,370 children from all over the country. The President also came to congratulate boys and girls on the upcoming holidays.


Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed children with warm words, “My dear friends! I am very happy to see you – beautiful, elegant and, most importantly, smiling – in this huge hall, at the Palace of the Republic, at the Main Christmas Tree of the country. We have been organising this holiday for more than a quarter of a century and even the smallest visitors of our first New Year performances may have already become parents themselves. Some have perhaps taken their baby – a girl or a boy – here. This wonderful tradition is alive.”

The Head of State added that Our Children charity campaign already unites two generations of our people – ‘Belarusians who are growing up on kind and beautiful stories told on this stage by our and your favourite artists’. “For me, as President, being here is also a present. This is an opportunity to take a moment away from important political affairs, sometimes not very pleasant, and to jointly with you plunge into the world of childhood – a world which has place for a fairy tale, dreams and, most importantly, miracles.”

“I am happy that, over the years of Our Children charity project organisation, every little Belarusian has learned – not in words but in deeds – that their country infinitely cares about them and needs them.”