Posted: 30.05.2023 14:51:00

Lukashenko ordered new State Border Committee Chairman to form ‘strong fist’ on Belarusian border

When deciding upon the appointment of Konstantin Molostov as Chairman of the State Border Committee, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, set a number of tasks to improve the border service bodies. He noted that, of all the candidates submitted to him for consideration, Mr. Molostov stood out: he served as an ordinary border guard and, importantly, as the border outpost head.

“You know everything if you have passed that service. A border outpost head is the man who knows everything, and all the rest depends on his desire. Actually, there will be no quiet life. You see that Ukraine – where border guards virtually did not serve at all in the past – has joined in. Well, simply speaking, we realise that people dear to use live there. You can see now what position Ukraine has taken towards Belarus, it is constantly escalating the situation. The Ukrainian border is on the same level as the mad Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian ones – which actually should not have happened,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Proceeding from that, the Head of State instructed to develop new approaches – ‘not probably to build a new system, but to improve the existing one’, “It is necessary to pay special attention to manoeuvrable groups. They should be present in every squad. There should be a strong fist in the point which you determine, and you – as well as heads of detachments or groups of border guards – can use it at the right moment to block the state border in case of emergency situations, attacks on the country. We need to strengthen this component.”