Posted: 31.03.2023 19:30:00

Lukashenko on the order to Belarusian military: we’ll force them to respect our nation if the West doesn’t understand another language

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in his Address to the Belarusian People and the National Assembly, said that he had ordered the military to restore the sites where Topol nuclear warheads were placed

The Head of State spoke about the military equipment currently in service, “Belarusian rocket scientists have mastered the domestic Polonez systems, which is in great demand. I want the public to know that the Belarusian Polonez is equal to the American HIMARS system, with which Ukrainians are fighting today. It even surpasses it in many respects. Our army received an even more powerful Iskander missile system – unrivalled worldwide.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that we also have re-fitted aircraft in service able to carry nuclear warheads, “You heard from the President of Russia about joint plans to create the appropriate infrastructure in Belarus. I want to clarify that the entire infrastructure has been created and is ready. I’m convinced these measures will sober up the overseas hawks. At least in this way we will force them to respect our people if they do not understand another language.”


The President said that a week ago he ordered the military to immediately restore the sites where Topol nuclear warheads were placed.

“I kept all these sites. The then President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, said that it was necessary to destroy them. At that time, one site was blown up. I must say that they blew up so that 17 hectares of forest were destroyed. That’s what these explosions led to. Under various pretexts, I tried to sidetrack this issue, and now I instructed to restore them. I must say, if necessary, Putin and I will decide and introduce strategic weapons here as well. Those abroad, who are trying to ‘blow’ us up today from inside and outside, must understand this. We will stop at nothing to defend our countries, states and peoples.”