Posted: 11.11.2021 17:22:00

Lukashenko on response to sanctions

On meeting the Council of Ministers heads, the President said that Belarus is being intimidated too much with the fifth package of sanctions. He reminded those present that the Government had been instructed with regards to the fifth package: nothing should be forgiven.


“Poland is threatening us that it will close the border. They are welcome to close; fewer fugitives will go there then. I have listened to these brainless people. What if we close transit through Belarus? They can’t go through Ukraine: the Russian border is closed there. There are no routes – towards Estonia – through the Baltic States. If we close the border for Poles and Germans, what will happen then?” the President wondered.

Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced: the country should stop at nothing to defend its sovereignty. The President added that natural gas pumping through Belarus had been doubled, “We provide heat to Europe, while they are threatening us with the border closure. What if we stop natural gas pumping there? Therefore, before making a statement, I would recommend the leadership of Poland, Lithuanians and other brainless folk to think before they start speaking. However, it is up to them. If they close the border, they are welcome.”

The Head of State warned, “If they impose additional sanctions on us – indigestible and unacceptable to us – we must hit back. We agreed with you six months ago on the way we would act. We understood that.”