Posted: 21.03.2023 12:33:00

Lukashenko on elimination of terrorist in Grodno: special services have worked brilliantly

Today the President has convened a meeting on the activities of the security forces


Determining the relevance of the topic for discussion, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “The highest level of external threats for Belarus forces us to pay close attention to internal threats. Moreover, they are links in the same chain. The relevance of the topic of the meeting reflect the latest reports.”

The Head of State drew attention to the fact that in general the situation is known, “Meanwhile, as I always say, there’s no time to relax. Recently, a foreign terrorist abandoned to us was neutralised in Grodno. The special services have worked brilliantly. A whole arsenal of weapons and explosives – intended for ‘high-profile’ terrorist attacks against citizens and government officials – was confiscated.”

As already reported, during special events on March 19th, 2023, on Kurchatov Street in Grodno, a foreign citizen was liquidated. The militant offered armed resistance, having a machine gun and ball grenades. However, the soldiers of the KGB special forces adequately coped with their task. Civilians and law enforcement officers were not injured during the special operation. Aleksandr Lukashenko praised the actions of the special services, “Our guys have done well in such an acute situation, when there was a fight in a limited space, in an apartment, and when grenades and small arms, a machine gun were used by the terrorist, not a single soldier of the Alpha team – which carried out the capture of this figure – died. This means that the conclusions were made after the last tragedy that happened in Minsk [referring to the death of KGB senior lieutenant Dmitry Fedosyuk, who was killed on duty in September 2021]. A good operation, a good job. As I often say, such people who went and risked their lives should always be seen and supported.”

The Head of State instructed to inform the public about the results of this operation and the ‘thwarted plans of our enemies’, “People should know it. You, the heads of security agencies, understand better than anyone else that this is another signal to us. We need to be ready for any events. Therefore, the issues of counteracting external and internal threats should be under special control today.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that, in general, the crime situation in the country is under control, “The total number of crimes has practically not changed. The number of murders has decreased. 13 percent fewer citizens died from criminal encroachments. However, this is not a reason for self-complacency.”