Posted: 14.03.2024 18:00:00

Lukashenko on difficult situation during his meeting with Synod of Belarusian Orthodox Church: we’ll get through this with God’s help

It is necessary to talk to people and explain the current situation around the country, and the clergy also have their role to play in this – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko during today’s meeting with the Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, BelTA reports


“The situation is not easy. We need to talk to people and convey all this to them. Moreover, we need to look into their soul. Besides the church, it will be difficult for anyone else to do anything,” said the Head of State.

Summing up, he thanked the Synod members for the conversation, noting that he did not see any insurmountable problems among the issues raised.

“I think we can cope with them. Let’s see how best to do this,” the President noted. “I just want to tell you that we are facing very serious problematic issues.” We must assess them objectively, and we must see our shortcomings.”

As for the situation in the world, Aleksandr Lukashenko underlined that ‘they want to set fire to everything and create chaos’, “Because they don’t want a multipolar world. Americans want to rule the world like it was before. We need to go this way. We’ll definitely get through this.”

“God willing!” added one of the meeting participants.

“Yes, with God’s help. If we behave with dignity, maybe [God] will see and help us somewhere. Without us taking action, God will not help,” summed up Aleksandr Lukashenko.