Posted: 05.11.2021 10:07:00

Lukashenko on Belarus-Russia defence co-operation

During the meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, the President of Belarus emphasised the two states’ multipronged foreign policy interaction, adding that Belarus and Russia share a common position on virtually all contemporary issues at various international platforms


“We can’t but note our close co-operation in the field of defence. As recent events have shown, the regional grouping of the Union State troops is a reliable security shield not only for our countries but for the entire post-Soviet space," Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “The President [of Russia] and I do not hide our intentions to strengthen this grouping in the future.”

Social issues and protection of citizens’ interests occupy a special place in the Union State building. “We have achieved the most tangible results in carrying out co-ordinated social policy that ensures a decent life and free human development. Citizens of our two countries enjoy equal rights in work, recreation, healthcare and education,” the Head of State noted.