Posted: 03.06.2022 17:24:00

Lukashenko not against transit of grain through Belarus, but compromises are needed

The President of Belarus has commented on the global food crisis and possible famine in the world during his today’s talk with journalists. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, while trying to take grain out of Ukraine, Europeans are fleecing Ukrainians.


The Head of State also shared his view on transit. “Everyone is now looking for logistics: where and how [to transport]. Well, we can discuss. The best direction (Putin and I have identified five of them) is Belarus. You are welcome. We do not want people in Africa to starve. It is not only in Africa, but also in Europe and America [lack of grain]. We are not against, take it through Belarus – but, guys, there must be compromises: a favour for a favour,” he stressed.

“Why should we look for ports somewhere in order to supply our products, including mineral fertilisers, to you? Come on, open the ports and we will ship. Moreover, the ports are standing still, while people have been thrown out into the street. Madmen. It is not about the grain, we will take this grain out. Famine has long been in place. A billion of people are starving now, and there will be a billion on the verge of death tomorrow – only because of the policy that the West and rich countries, mostly America, are pursuing today,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.