Posted: 19.08.2022 15:54:00

Lukashenko: no agricultural machinery – no district chairman

During his visit to Zhuravlinoe JSC, the President of Belarus attended the machinery maintenance facility and talked to its workers. The Head of State inquired about the salary at the enterprise, the quality and characteristics of equipment, as well as successes in the harvesting campaign.


Aleksandr Lukashenko was also informed about the work of Brestoblagroservis enterprise which is engaged in the maintenance and repair of various agricultural equipment. He was demonstrated a vehicle equipped with everything necessary for on-site maintenance.

The President emphasised the importance of the work of such structures, “It is very important. If there is no agricultural machinery, there is no chairman of the districts.”

The Head of State recalled his instruction to ensure the safety of equipment for at least fifteen years and to provide at least three years of warranty service.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was shown Belarusian semi-trailed boom sprayers for feeding and processing crops – Mekosan 2500-18 – produced in the Brest Region.

“It’s a wonderful technique. We need good machinery. This is what we need. It would be nice to have at least two such vehicles for a farm,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President asked about the percentage of localisation. The Head of State was reported that it stands at 52-63 percent, depending on the model. The equipment uses an Italian-made pump and imported computer equipment.

“We need to achieve greater localisation. We need to get ready,” the Belarusian leader said.