Posted: 06.12.2021 16:14:00

Lukashenko: NATO plans in the region unacceptable for Russia and Belarus

While authorising the appointment of heads of municipal government agencies today, the President of Belarus stated that NATO’s plans in the region are unacceptable not only for Russia, but also for Belarus. The Head of State emphasised: the West had labelled Russia as planning an attack on Ukraine.


“A reason is needed to hammer Russia. That is why they have come up with these accusations – although no one in Russia is going to attack Ukraine. Russia sees perfectly well what is happening in Ukraine. And what is happening there and what NATO and Americans are planning there are unacceptable not only for Russia, but also for us – since we are close,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “Therefore, there will be some outcomes – I think these will be large – after the New Year holiday. A lot more will change over this month. You will see a lot more. We will see this outcome from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, will see the result.”