Posted: 27.03.2023 09:22:00

Lukashenko named promising areas for expanding co-operation with Bangladesh

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has congratulated the President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Abdul Hamid, and all the people of this country on the national holiday: Independence Day, the Belarusian leader’s press service reports

"In recent years, your beautiful country has achieved significant results in economic development and social transformation. Raising the level of citizens’ well-being, overcoming poverty, improving production and consumption structures, as well as introducing innovations in all spheres of activity are clear proof of the effectiveness of the course chosen by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh," the congratulatory message reads.

The Head of State noted that the dialogue between Minsk and Dhaka is based on a solid foundation of mutual respect, trust and interest in further strengthening the Belarusian-Bangladeshi political, economic and humanitarian co-operation.

"I am convinced that, despite the considerable geographical distance, we will be able to find ways to expand bilateral ties, primarily in the fields of industrial co-operation, mechanical engineering, electric transport, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, science and education," the Belarusian leader stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko wished Abdul Hamid good health and happiness, also wishing progress and prosperity to the people of Bangladesh.