Posted: 25.02.2024 15:00:00

Lukashenko named main qualities for Belarus’ President

In his talk with media representatives Head of State Aleksandr Lukashenko named main qualities for the President of Belarus

Answering a question from a Russian journalist about the qualities a Belarusian leader – for whom we should vote in the future – must possess, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “I know that many officials don’t like me, because I strictly demand that at least our agreements and the decisions made by the President be fulfilled. If they are not fulfilled, then the entire structure of power will collapse and society will drown. Yes, I understand this perfectly well. Probably, not all journalists like me because of my character and so on. However, the good thing is that journalists, and then society, thanks to these journalists, begin to understand that Lukashenko said something, strictly demanded this and later it turned out that he was right.”

The President cited the fight against coronavirus as an example. At the beginning of the pandemic and at its height, not everyone supported the Belarusian leader’s actions. At that time, the whole world was moving in a different direction, introducing lockdowns, closing factories and enterprises. Afterwards it turned out that Aleksandr Lukashenko’s decisions were optimal.

“This is my job: to sit and to think... Using my experience and knowledge, I have to predict. If the president does not have this, there is no point in doing this. Therefore, this is the main quality of the president. Of course, there must be iron intuition. Most importantly, you must always remember where you came from and remember that ten million people and three million who come here on vacation are people to whom you owe. The president owes them,” said the Head of State.