Posted: 02.02.2023 09:27:00

Lukashenko: modern generation of communications crewmen fulfils their military duty with full dedication

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has congratulated the personnel and veterans of the 127th Guards Order of the Red Star Communications Brigade (territorial) on 80th anniversary of its formation, the Belarusian leader’s press service reports

"The combat history of the unit began in 1943 with the formation of the 67th separate communications battalion, which provided communications to the command of the 24th Guards Rifle Corps in the most difficult combat conditions. It participated in the liberation of Europe and showed its mettle in the Balaton operation, during the seizure of Bratislava, Austerlitz and Prague. It also received a high award – the Red Star Order – for the outstanding achievements in the fight against the Nazi invaders,” the congratulatory message reads.

The Head of State noted that the modern generation of communications crewmen continues the glorious traditions of front-line soldiers, fulfilling their military duty with full dedication. "Your painstaking work is a well–functioning nervous system of the army. It is you who ensure stable communications around the clock in the interests of managing troops in various conditions of the situation, making a worthy contribution to strengthening the military security of the state. This would have been impossible without continuous professional development of specialists and mastering of the latest models of communication equipment and complexes," the Belarusian leader stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked the brigade personnel and veterans for their service, wishing them good health, peace, prosperity and new achievements for the benefit of their native Belarus. "I am convinced that the soldiers and officers of the brigade will continue to be a model of professionalism and loyalty to the Fatherland," the President added.