Posted: 11.07.2023 10:57:00

Lukashenko making working trip to Vitebsk Region

The President of Belarus is making a working trip to the Vitebsk Region today. In the village of Churilovo, Orsha District, Aleksandr Lukashenko will get acquainted with the work of the Pavlinka dairy complex of the Yubileiny agricultural company, and he will also be reported on the most pressing issues of agricultural development in Belarus, the Vitebsk Region, and Orsha District.

Yubileiny JSC primarily focus on breeding of pigs and cattle, production and sale of milk, as well as crop production. More than 170 products of the company are manufactured under the Meat Favourite trademark. Last year, 3.6 thousand tonnes of meat (93.2 percent against the 2021 figures) and 2 thousand tonnes of sausage products (106.3 percent) were produced there.

Around 962 people are employed by Yubileiny, and their average monthly salary makes Br1,515.4. In 2022, Br95m of revenue were generated from the sale of products, goods, works, and services (151.6 percent against the 2021 figures). The profitability of sales made 20 percent, and the volume of retail turnover stood at Br31m (107.6 percent against 2021).

In January-May 2023, the growth rate of gross agricultural output amounted to 122.7 percent, 17.5 thousand tonnes of milk were produced (125.8 percent compared to the same period in 2022). The average monthly salary made Br1722.2.

The Pavlinka robotic dairy complex is designed for the maintenance of 2,000 heads of cattle. The facility was commissioned on June 30th, 2021, and the total cost of four launch complexes made Br71.5m.

As of July 1st, 2023, the complex kept 1,830 cows of the main herd (91.5 percent). It is planned to reach full capacity by the end of October 2023.

Feed is distributed here by a mobile mixer-feeder, while cow milking is carried out with the help of 34 milking robots.