Posted: 07.02.2022 12:16:00

Lukashenko: Lithuania can come to a bad end

In his talk with VGTRK journalist, radio and TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, said the situation in relations with Lithuania is difficult and is fraught with grave consequences for this state, BelTA reports


"Is the situation with Lithuania difficult?" the journalist asked.

"Yes, it is difficult,” the President confirmed.

"It is now necessary to come up with the ways how to act, to search for them and talk with Russia so that prices remain comfortable and right,” Mr. Soloviev suggested, keeping in mind primarily the situation with transportation of potash fertilisers.

"We are engaged in talks. We have been negotiating this with Russia for a long time," Aleksandr Lukashenko replied.

"Will Lithuania lose everything?" the journalist asked.

"Lithuania can come to a bad end. It should not have started this. Neither America nor Europe will help it,” the Belarusian leader noted, adding, “Thirty percent of their budget have been formed due to Belarus. What is observed now? Do they think that Europeans or Americans will balance it out? No. The President and the government might change in America tomorrow, and new administration – as it usually happens – will forget what the previous one did and promised. That's all.”

In this regard, the journalist recalled that Lithuania had made a stand against China. However, the President noted that it had been not an independent decision of the Lithuanian leadership. “You know who have pushed them to this. Did they need it? No, they did not,” he said.

Answering the clarifying question whether Belarus had managed to find another opportunity and transport flows for the supply of its potassium chloride except for the Lithuanian direction, the Head of State noted that a corresponding proposal of Ukrainian businesses to tranship cargoes at the ports of Odessa had been considered. However, Ukrainians later renounced this idea.

"Did the owners get a bawling-out twenty seconds after they had expressed those ideas?” the journalist asked.

"Yes, they did – several days later,” the President replied.

"Did you genuinely believe that they would be able to do it in circumvention of the Americans?" Mr. Soloviev wondered.

"I understand the trend, but I did not think they would respond in this way," the Belarusian leader noted. “Why did I not think? This is because they understand that we will ship this potassium anyway." Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasised the support of Russia in resolving the issue of transhipment of Belarusian fertilisers through its territory.