Posted: 02.07.2022 22:55:00

Lukashenko: it’s impossible to hide overseas in modern war

During his speech at a solemn meeting in the Palace of the Republic dedicated to Independence Day, Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled the hybrid war waged against our country


Firstly, addressing the Belarusians, the President once again stressed that everyone should keep themselves busy, “Students and pupils must study, workers must work at the machine tool, peasants must grow bread in the field while politicians must develop a current strategy together with parliamentarians and other part of the elite of our society. Everyone should do their job now. Discipline and diligence are the number one issue. If we behave like this, no war can frighten us. Moreover, there will be no war.”

The Belarusian Head of State drew attention to the fact that we are talking about the hot phase of the war, because as for the modern war against Belarus in general, it has been going on for a long time, “We withstood its first attack in 2020, we suppressed these scoundrels. This war was deployed primarily (and is called hybrid) in the media. Then they started pressing us through diplomatic channels, then cyber-attacks on our people and facilities followed. Next was economic suffocation. These are the sanctions, vile and illegal, which are imposed against us along with Russia. Military blackmail. What’s next?”

At the same time, the President noted, “I do not think that there are madmen in Europe who are ready to carry out the order of Washington. They [the United States] think that once again, as in the last war, they will hide across the ocean and fill their pockets, printing US Dollars all over the world. No! In modern warfare, there is no way to hide overseas! But Europeans – and I know it for sure – like many others, do not want this war.”

The Belarusian leader added that there are no longer such politicians as Jacques Chirac, Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel, “You know who is in power there. They are ready to meet their boss from Washington with open mouth – these are modern politicians, and not only in Europe.”