Posted: 08.06.2023 13:27:00

Lukashenko: it’s important for Americans to bring Europe to its knees

The United States of America wants to dismember Europe and dominate it – as noted by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, at a meeting with the secretaries of the CSTO security councils in Minsk

The Head of State underlined, “The practice of unilateral restrictive measures and sanctions is increasing. But it obviously didn’t work. Yes, it’s not easy, it’s hard, but it didn’t work. Moreover, pumping with weapons (we see this here, being in this cauldron in the centre of Europe), escalating the situation, confrontation and huge amounts of money that primarily Europe spends... The cause of the conflict is deeper than Ukraine. What is Ukraine for them? It’s important for Americans to bring Europe to its knees. They want to dismember Europe, fence it off from us. They need to boil this cauldron in order to dominate here.”.

Aleksandr Lukashenko outlined several reasons for such behaviour, “The Americans will show Europeans what it means to introduce the Euro against the US Dollar. The Euro began to win its place under the sun in due time, but the Americans don’t need it. After all, finance is the circulatory system, that’s why the pressure on Europe began.”

The Belarusian Head of State particularly spoke about the desire of the Americans to fence off the West from the East: the territory from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea through Poland and Ukraine, “It did not work out with Belarus. There was a plan to build this sanitary cordon from Smolensk and down to the Baltic Sea. But now they are arming Poland and Ukraine. They need Ukraine to win: this is their golden dream. You see what relations the Poles have not only here with us in the East. You see what happens between the Poles and the Germans. Do you think that the Poles are so brave to bill the Germans for reparations for WWII damage! No. The Americans quietly suggested them ‘to crush the Germans’, because the Germans are the main force in Europe.”

The President of Belarus gave another example, “Do you think that Brexit – when the UK left the EU – is just for fun? If the Americans were interested in strengthening the European Union, they would never have given the green light to this and would not have agreed. However, they tore Great Britain – powerful in economic and military-political terms – from the EU even earlier.”

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the Americans are well aware that the main points of growth in the world after the United States are the European Union, China, as well as ‘our space where we dared to speak’, “Therefore, speaking about the reasons, we need to look deeper. We must pay tribute to the Russians, who took care just in time. They said ‘well, these are your problems – the problems of the Anglo-Saxons, but you should give security guarantees to us’ and Belarus, and you [CSTO member states]. You have seen the answer to this request, you have seen their ‘guarantees’. Now they are saying that it was Russia that demanded some kind of security paper. When I meet with some of your colleagues, I ask them a question: Russia demanded some kind of security paper, why didn’t you give it? I mean security proposals for the Soviet space and, above all, for Russia. But they didn’t give it.”

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko acknowledged that the Russian special operation in Ukraine was a gift for the West, “And then they began to use it in order to bring our space to its knees. China is next in line. This is their main goal... After all: the labour force after the events in Afghanistan was released, and it has to be used somewhere. So far, they themselves [American troops] have not got involved into it, but if this continues, I’m sure it’s a matter of time. There’re lots of mercenaries there. Soon regular troops will appear if we do not stop this conflict. We are ready for this.”