Posted: 26.07.2022 12:15:00

Lukashenko: issue of successful harvesting campaign is strategic for Belarus

The President is holding a Republican conference focusing on issues of the harvesting campaign today, and the conversation is expected to be large-scale. All chairmen of regional and district executive committees, heads of agricultural and processing enterprises are in direct contact with the central studio in the Palace of Independence. Chairpersons of Parliament’s chambers Natalya Kochanova and Vladimir Andreichenko, Head of the President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, members of the Government, heads of law enforcement agencies, and scientists are among the Minsk meeting participants.

An acute issue is high on the agenda: this year's harvesting campaign. In the beginning of the conference, Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasised its importance, “The global food situation is very uncertain, and – openly speaking – we do not know what will happen tomorrow, and this is the most dangerous point. Many people say that we are on the verge of famine. We cannot discard this, and we question ourselves: what if? If famine comes, you know its consequences. That is why we need to get ready. The God has given us wonderful weather conditions this year, and we must take advantage of it.”

The Head of State mentioned another very important point, “This year, we can earn good money and improve the economy of our agriculture, if we work well.”

The President described the current situation as very serious and even emergent from the point of view of organising work in rural areas. “The critical situation on the world food market is, unfortunately, getting worse,” he stated. “Videos of flaming wheat fields – set on fire by combat helicopters of our southern neighbours – do not add optimism to anyone. Meanwhile, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Thoughtless sanction restrictions on mineral fertilisers and energy carriers, as well as the rupture of usual transport links have placed many countries on the brink of survival. Winter is coming – and this will be a cold and hungry winter for those who will not be able to feed themselves.”

In this regard, Aleksandr Lukashenko stated, “The issue of a successful harvesting campaign is strategic for Belarus. We must provide our people with food and increase the country’s stabilisation funds, which are reserves for the future. In addition, as I have said, [we must] improve our agricultural economy, since we observe good food prices today. Importantly, we have everything to achieve these goals.”

The President noted that Belarus has grown a good harvest of grain and leguminous crops, “Although this year’s harvesting campaign will not be simple. The weather has prepared surprises for us, and we have many laid crops. Mass scale harvesting began a week later than usual this year, and we need to use every moment to do everything in technological terms. Also, during the campaign, the second mowing of perennial grasses, flax harvesting, sowing of second crops and winter ones take place. Therefore, it is necessary to drastically accelerate all processes in a short period of time in order to ensure high-quality forage and grain harvesting without losses, and also to prepare for sowing winter crops.”