Posted: 25.12.2023 20:17:00

Lukashenko is confident that EAEU is capable of becoming centre of economic attraction for other countries

Answering journalists' questions before the start of the EAEU summit in St. Petersburg today, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, said he is confident that the EAEU is capable of becoming a centre of economic attraction for other countries

When asked about the EAEU prospects, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “They are very good, they are better than those regarding other associations. There's more politics there, and there's more economics here. That's what we need. Any political issues can be placed on an economic basis. The military will come then, if there is something to protect.”  

The Head of State explained that he compared the work of the SCO, BRICS and other associations, “We are the most advanced one. Neither the SCO nor the BRICS have such close ties, they do not speak the same language as we do without translators. Most importantly, they do not have this single economic space in the economy. Over the past decade, we have doubled the trade turnover in the EAEU, and its GDP now makes $2.5 trillion. What else do we need? We should move in this direction, not focusing too much on minor matters.”

According to the President, the military operation in Ukraine has taught us a lot, inspiring for a further progress in terms of integration. “We have frozen somehow. We need to move forward, we have a serious base. No other organisation has such a base,” he added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the SCO, for example, is a powerful organisation and a good platform for bilateral negotiations, but its members – India and China – have different policies; Russia also has its own policy. “Here [in the EAEU], there is more unity. There is a basis here. We will be like the centre of attraction,” he said.

As an example, the Head of State mentioned Iran: being a powerful state with a developed trade and production base, it wished to create a free trade zone with the EAEU.

“We should also be such a zone of attraction. Most importantly, we must not disappoint those who will come to us. I am now even not talking about Cuba. Think over it. It’s your homework," Aleksandr Lukashenko smiled.

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