Posted: 20.04.2024 15:44:00

Lukashenko invited media representatives to chop firewood after planting apple trees

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has taken part in the nationwide subbotnik in his small homeland today, laying an apple orchard – inviting all those present at the site to join the work, BelTA reports

This is a principle of the President: those who work nearby every day change microphones and cameras for rakes and shovels on subbotnik [voluntary labour day]. After laying an orchard, the Head of State considered that the journalists had not worked enough and invited all those present to chop firewood. A true master class was organised, and everyone worked hard as a result.

As reported, 225 trees of five varieties have been planted today as part of the nationwide subbotnik with the participation of the Head of State. The orchard will be placed under the care of local schoolchildren, who will not only take care of its 411 apple trees, but will also be able to literally taste the fruits of their labour at the end of summer and autumn.