Posted: 16.02.2023 19:06:00

Lukashenko invited Biden to Minsk for Ukraine peace talks with Putin

During the meeting of the President with foreign and Belarusian journalists, Aleksandr Lukashenko was asked if he could influence Vladimir Putin to establish peace in Ukraine


The Head of State noted, “It is impossible to influence President Putin, you know that. He is a mature, wise, and strong man. Everyone understands justice in their own way, and Putin also has his own concept of justice. If he is convinced that he is right and just, you will not convince him in the way you think.”

At the same time, the President noted, “I’ll tell you this: I can convince Vladimir Putin of something, but your Biden ... We’ll see in the near future.”

The forthcoming visit of the US President to Poland has been announced. Aleksandr Lukashenko clarified, “We will announce all over the world that the President of Belarus has invited him to Belarus. It is not far from Warsaw, just thirty minutes – and the plane lands in Minsk. I influence the President of Russia, I invite him to Minsk, like Biden, we sit down and agree. If he [the US President] does not come to Minsk (I say this in all seriousness), then you want war. I guarantee you that I will influence President Putin, he will also fly to Minsk, enabling the three of us to sit down and think about what can be done. Or maybe, if Biden wants, Zelenskyy will also fly here, not through Warsaw, but right across the border. The Russians and I will ensure his smooth flight to from Kiev to Minsk – 40 minutes and he’s here. Here is my influence. I can influence in this case so that tomorrow the war will stop.”

The Belarusian Head of State underlined, “I can only do what Putin and Zelenskyy want. But in this case, we can’t do without America. Now, if three presidents see me at least on the horizon of solving this problem, I am ready to do everything.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced, “Even Putin will fly to Minsk, and the three of us will meet here: two ‘aggressors’ and a ‘peace-loving’ president. Why not? In order to end the war. Now, if he wants to end the war (it’s close from Poland to here, I will send a Boeing aircraft) we will welcome him. We have lots of international airports. His number one aircraft will land here. Once Clinton flew on a similar plane. And here, in your presence, the three of us (I guarantee you that Vladimir Putin will come here) will sit down and solve the whole problem. We will settle all problems here.”

However, the Head of State doubts that Biden will take such a step, “No, he won’t come here though it would be worth it for the sake of stopping the war, for the sake of not killing people. He will stay in Poland, because Poland is the hyena of Europe, and today, above all, it plays the most active role in the escalation of the war in Ukraine. It screams the most, more than the Americans. So, I invite you and your president to Minsk. We provide complete safety and comfort. And most importantly, he will fly away from here satisfied. Let’s see how he arrives.”