Posted: 18.08.2022 15:24:00

Lukashenko instructed to transfer inefficiently used premises in Minsk to agricultural organisations to sell their produce

Successful farms will be allocated inefficiently used areas in one of the Minsk long-term construction projects to sell their own goods – as stated by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, during his visit to the production co-operative named after V.I. Kremko


The Head of State instructed to help agricultural producers from the regions, especially those who have their own processing facilities, sell their goods in the capital’s market and to contribute to the development of their branded trade network.

“Farms which have their own processing and trade facilities should be given more opportunities. I have given an instruction to provide each region with commercial premises in one of the long-term construction projects in Minsk. If you say that you need a couple of retail outlets in Minsk, we will immediately organise everything. We need to help those who want it. We will solve this issue dealing with trade,” the President assured.

According to the Head of State, these farms should be given more opportunities.

These are the farms that need to be supported. If there is a desire, we will provide the necessary help: this is the immediate instruction to the Mayor of Minsk. We must allocate premises for them so that they do not build them themselves; let them arrange everything inside the way they want. There should be walls, ceiling, roof and infrastructure there,” the Belarusian leader ordered.

The President noted that Grodno as a whole is oversaturated with trade in agricultural products, while Minsk has a larger population and high purchasing power.