Posted: 28.05.2024 15:51:00

Lukashenko: I do not want war, I do everything to avoid it

President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the Media Community Forum in Mogilev that he did not want war and was doing everything to avoid it


“I do not want any war, and I am sure that the vast majority [of people] in Belarus do not want it either,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “None of Belarusians needs to break their lives and rot in the trenches. Therefore, I do not want a war and I am doing everything to make sure it does not happen.”

At the same time, given a high probability of the information confrontation escalating into a hot phase, the Head of State considers it extremely important to take into account the historical experience of the Great Patriotic War: as noted by Aleksandr Lukashenko, its beginning had not been predicted by the country leaders, and they had not prepared properly for it.

“Therefore, we cannot miss it. I always tell the military: we must get prepared for it. That is why we are strengthening our western borders. I am trying to convey to our people through you [media representatives] what is happening now, and how it is necessary to react. However, this does not mean that Lukashenko is an ‘aggressor’ who wants a war, as they – especially in Poland – are shouting. Most of all, more than millions of Belarusians, I do not accept and do not want a war,” the President stressed.