Posted: 03.10.2022 13:47:00

Lukashenko: huge market has opened for agricultural enterprises

The sanctions policy of the West has opened up a huge market for agricultural enterprises, and farmers need to take advantage of this: this task was set by the President of Belarus when considering personnel issues


Addressing the new heads of local executive bodies, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that they are all experienced people, “I will not instruct you here or agitate for something. You know where you’re going. Speaking frankly about your future place of work, it is mainly agriculture. You won’t have any problems here at all. I often repeat: there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. These sanctions to some extent led to us having an excess of oil products (diesel fuel, gasoline, etc.). Therefore, I ordered that agriculture be completely provided during this period.”

According to the President, we did not primarily have any problems at all this year with the provision of fuel, the solution of other issues, including financial ones, especially where there is everything in order, “Most importantly, an immense market has opened up for agricultural enterprises. We can sell everything in Russia and China, and we can sell twice as much. Leonid Zayats [Deputy Prime Minister] controls these processes in the country, food exports. He says that we can still double the production and we will sell it all at good prices. That is, the market has opened, and the prices are decent. Therefore, we should not have any problems in agriculture at all.”