Posted: 18.06.2024 11:42:00

Lukashenko holding Security Council meeting, draft document to develop National Security Concept under consideration

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko is holding a meeting of the Security Council today, and consideration of a draft regulatory legal act related to the issues of assessing the state of national security is high on the agenda

"Given the importance of this document, it was decided to hold a meeting of the Security Council and consider it in this format," Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed those present in the beginning of the meeting.

The Head of State recalled that, at the seventh Belarusian People's Congress, it was said about the need to revise the relevant normative legal acts in the development of the new National Security Concept, “We announced that the National Security Concept is a public document. We studied it thoroughly, reviewed it on dialogue platforms, and then approved it at the Congress. However, in the development of this Concept, specific regulatory legal acts are needed that will make it more specific and practical. These documents are an integral part of the Concept, but – in line with the established practice – they are classified.”

The Commander-in-Chief stressed that the approved National Security Concept clearly defines Belarus’ national strategic interests, threats, priority areas for their neutralisation and a common vision for further development in the field of security.

“The Republic of Belarus is a peaceful country, it is always open to equal dialogue and mutually beneficial co-operation. We have never threatened anyone. Moreover, we openly (unlike other countries) communicate our approaches to everyone, and those who want to hear them will do,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.