Posted: 25.06.2022 17:05:00

Lukashenko had a look at Belarusian port construction in Bronka

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, got familiar with construction of a Belarusian port in Bronka, BelTA reports


The project was approved and supported by the President of Russia, and – as noted by Vladimir Putin – Belarus will enjoy all possible support in construction of its own large transhipment port.

The Bronka multifunctional sea transhipment complex is the only deep-water terminal in St. Petersburg’s port: the depth of its approach canal and the water area makes 14.4m. The Bronka port is advantageously located thanks to the short approach sea canal (only 13 nautical miles from the receiving buoy), proximity of the Bronka railway station (1.2km), and connection to the St. Petersburg ring road. The transhipment complex is situated in the southwest of the city, outside its urban area.

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