Posted: 28.06.2022 18:35:00

Lukashenko gives wise advice to Belarusian graduates

The Head of State congratulated young people during today’s National Ball of University Graduates


Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed young men and ladies, wishing them happiness. “A person is happy when busy with a favourite occupation, sees the result and benefits of the work done, when surrounded by like-minded people, love to hurry to work and return home in the evening, when relatives and friends are also healthy and happy – especially when children are healthy. Let it all be in your life. I am convinced that you know well what you want to achieve, and what heights to reach,” he said.

The President put special emphasis on the following, “Remember a single thing: do this all on your native land! Some of you think that it is easier and better there [outside Belarus]. Learn from the others’ mistakes, ask those who are there [abroad] of how they feel outside [the country] – and then take your own steps. Generally speaking, try and do not be in a hurry: try it here, but go there if it is impossible here – then you will be able to compare. Meanwhile, I often repeat this, do everything on time! Do today and tomorrow what you have to do today and tomorrow, because the day after tomorrow you will be overwhelmed by such a storm that it will be difficult to cope with. It is also desirable to pass your path of yesterday and today – so that it would be easier tomorrow.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed his conviction that young people know well how and where to move, “I wish you to have enough knowledge, strength and courage to overcome the challenges of the time. My dear, let me once again congratulate you on the end of a difficult period of your life. I congratulate you on graduating from the university and receiving higher education. Today is yours: this is the day of celebration of the first serious success. You deserve it. Be happy!”