Posted: 20.05.2022 11:12:00

Lukashenko: future of the country is in pioneers’ hands

On meeting Belarusian pioneers today, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “The future of the country is in your hands, and you must preserve it. It will not be better anywhere else than on your own land.”


The President has met with Belarus’ pioneer activists today on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the pioneer movement. The meeting was attended by activists of the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organisation, as well as finalists of the Pioneer of the Year 2022 Republican contest, winners of the Pioneer Quiz and October Quiz Republican games, finalists of the Ogonyok Invites Friends Republican contest, members of the Children's Chamber at the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organisation’s Central Council and those from the Belarusian Youth Union.

The Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organisation is one of the most popular children's associations in the country – uniting 624,661 boys and girls. Among them are Oktyabrists aged 7-10, pioneers aged 10-14, youth leaders (children over 15). The Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organisation aims to help every pioneer become a citizen, to benefit themselves, their families and the Motherland with their deeds and activities.