Posted: 11.11.2022 19:10:00

Lukashenko explains what shocks and infuriates him most of all as President

If everything is normal in the Belarusian economy, no wars will happen in the country – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during the Republican seminar-meeting on restoration and use of reclaimed land, BelTA reports


Summing up the session, the President explained that he sets tough tasks for a reason.

“Believe me, I have much more information than those present here, but I can’t tell you everything. Therefore, in general, I always say that first of all you must do your job. Secondly, the economy is our survival. If everything is normal in our economy, no wars will happen in the country. Therefore, sometimes I set some tasks very rigidly,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“After many years of work as the President, it mostly shocks and infuriates me when there is no discipline and order. When there is no system, when there is some kind of slackness,” the Head of State said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that he doesn’t support strict restrictions. According to him, the main thing is that the work should be done in the end.

“Otherwise, we will have troubles. So, let’s get moving. No one will be forgiven for violating our today’s agreement. As we have agreed, the financing must be provided. There should be no slackness,” the President demanded.

He also paid special attention to environmental protection measures.

“Let’s agree that everyone in their workplace should do their job. Do not forget that the year will end, and in January-February we will return to your indicators regarding the loss of livestock,” the Head of State warned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko did not ignore the issues of completing the harvesting campaign. He noted that not all agrarians’ promises were fulfilled by the deadline.

“It is necessary to decently finish this year,” the President stressed.

“We must do what we have agreed with you. We have no other way. We will do. We will finance all the volumes that you calculate. Why am I in a hurry? If we do not do this, our children and grandchildren will not do it. They sit and poke at their phones, thinking that everything grows there. Therefore, we need to do this. No one will do it except us. As the military say: who if not us. Therefore, we need to do many things, because we are closer to the earth, we still understand this, remembering how cows were milked by hand. The current youngsters don’t understand this. They won’t do this, including for objective reasons. We didn’t get them involved into all these,” the Head of State noted.

“If we don’t get together, we will lose our independence. Therefore, I ask you to do this work,” the Belarusian leader summed up.