Posted: 31.03.2023 18:27:00

Lukashenko explained what will be common response of Belarus, Russia, China and Iran to attempts of US pressure

The intensification of co-operation between Belarus, Russia, China, Iran, the countries of the Middle East, and other constructive centres of power poses a threat to the concept of a unipolar world, and the common response relies on unity and common approaches to the formation of a just multipolar world based on creation and respect for cultural and historical diversity, as well as mutual support for each other – as noted by Aleksandr Lukashenko during his Address to the Belarusian People and the National Assembly


“The US attempts to maintain world domination are focused on the economic strangulation of Russia, identified in the American strategy as a source of ‘failures and instability’ on a global scale," the President of Belarus explained. “It [the US] is also facing a confrontation with China, which Washington considers the most serious geopolitical challenge. Iran has long been the number one enemy in the region for the United States. Are other countries of the East and South delighted with the world order based on Western patterns? No, since they all see that it is a continuation of the colonial policy – simply at a new stage of its development. If a country has independence in the disposal of its resources, national sovereignty in determining its foreign and domestic policy, then this is already a reason for sanctions, and sometimes for military intervention.”