Posted: 31.03.2023 17:26:00

Lukashenko explained what SCO membership will bring to Belarus

Belarus’ upcoming accession to the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation as a full member opens up new prospects – as noted by Aleksandr Lukashenko during his Address to the Belarusian People and Parliament


“This organisation is today one of the largest regional unions in the world. We will become stronger on joining it, also making the SCO stronger – by providing additional opportunities for co-operation in many areas, including production liaisons and logistics. The Silk Road will be continued,” the Head of State said.

Another promising direction, according to Aleksandr Lukashenko, is the formation of a unified educational space, taking into account the discrediting of the Bologna Process’ ideas. “[We will focus on] the development of new industries and the most advanced research in the fields where the West is fenced off from us – in the AI, microelectronics, materials science, medicine, and military-industrial production. Western financial instruments are vulnerable and politicised, so we need to actively develop the tools of a new Eurasian financial system, including with regard to bank payments and transactions, the rating assessment of institutions and assets," the President is convinced. “Many more is also needed – ranging from information security to food. In general, in a political sense, the SCO is a good promising platform to make up for everything that we have not received in the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the UN, the IMF and other international organisations,” he said.

The Head of State recalled that Belarus announced its accession to the SCO about five years ago, “You can remember how much I was criticised then… It has turned out that it was the right step.”