Posted: 09.08.2022 18:14:00

Lukashenko: EU politicians’ frenzy already fading into background

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, considers it necessary not to neglect the EU market and work with relevant countries to promote domestic goods – even under sanctions, BelTA reports


Speaking at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on functioning of the economy under sanctions and measures to overcome them, the Head of State noted that the issue is formulated not correct when stating that – instead of unfriendly countries – Belarus will work exclusively with friendly ones. "In no case should we leave the European Union. This is our nearest neighbour. As I remember, it accounted for a half of our exports,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said, adding, “We should work with them. The frenzy of politicians is already fading into the background. Business is business."

As an example, the Head of State mentioned a high demand on Belarusian mineral fertilisers and petroleum products all over the world. He is confident that the EU partners are also interested in buying domestically manufactured goods.

"Maybe we are not active enough in promoting our products in these conditions to these markets. If they need our goods, they are also looking for ways to buy them. Therefore, in no case should they be discarded, and it cannot be excluded even in certain rhetoric and terminology. On the contrary, it is necessary to go there – creating new chains in order to trade," the Belarusian leader said.