Posted: 25.02.2024 15:34:00

Lukashenko: EAEU ready to consider establishment of free trade zone with any state

The Eurasian Economic Union is ready to consider the possibility of establishing a free trade zone with any state – as noted by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during his today’s conversation with journalists after voting at polling station No. 478 in Minsk


The Head of State noted, “As for the free trade zones and the EAEU, we are considering all applications and proposals. There are a lot of them, you can see that Iran and the Arab countries are striving to have free trade zones with us in order to trade more freely – so we are open. Sometimes, it happens, there are some ambitions, and these are absolutely fair ambitions. Let's take China. What is the need to have a free trade zone there, if there is a broader organisation – the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation – where it would be possible to have such a free trade zone as the EAEU, to borrow this practice?”

At the same time, according to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the EAEU has something to pay attention to in the Union State. “The EAEU should, in turn, borrow from us the opening of borders and complete freedom for the movement of people, the workforce. We have no restraining factors here now, we do everything for people in this regard. I think that the EAEU should follow this path. Moreover, we have political, diplomatic and military components within our Union State, which the EAEU lacks. I think these are the main issues that need to be seen by the EAEU and adopted from the Union State,” the President said.