Posted: 07.02.2023 12:52:00

Lukashenko demands from Government and National Bank to solve the problem of passing payments with other countries

The President of Belarus at a meeting on the draft law On Changing Laws on Banking Issues demanded that the Government and the National Bank settle the problem of making payments with other countries


The Head of State noted that he was categorically dissatisfied with the work of the Government and banks in processing payments when making foreign trade operations, “We seem to be able to supply products and so on ... But we will consider this in the near future, the Government and banks will report on how they work with payments. What legislative changes are needed here? It is necessary to strain every sinew and work. It is necessary for specialists of the National Bank, and banks in general, to get involved in solving the problem of making payments. This problem shouldn’t exist. There shouldn’t be such a problem - we just work disgustingly. Some of our private companies show how to work.”