Posted: 19.01.2022 09:32:00

President congratulates workers and veterans of Belarusian emergencies services

Aleksandr Lukashenko extended greetings to the workers and veterans of the emergency agencies and divisions of Belarus on their professional holiday – the Rescuer Day – as reported by the press service of the Head of State

“You are the first to come to the rescue of people in trouble, boldly respond to the challenges of natural disasters, professionally fulfil your duty and deliver humanitarian aid to the population of countries affected by catastrophes and natural disasters,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The Head of State stressed that, demonstrating dedication to their work, courage and bravery in the most difficult and dangerous situations, rescuers each time pass a test of strength with honour and dignity.

The President also addressed special words of gratitude to the retired workers who created the rescue department of Belarus and wrote many glorious pages in its history.

“I am convinced that the safety of citizens will continue to be under the reliable protection of employees of the emergency situations authorities and units of the Republic of Belarus. I thank everyone who chooses the profession of a rescuer, which is associated with risk, but is an important profession for people,” reads the congratulation.