Posted: 26.11.2021 16:55:00

Lukashenko comments on possibility for Belarus, the EU and the UN to meet to discuss refugee problem

The President of Belarus commented on whether meetings between Belarus, the EU and the UN on the issue of refugees will be planned based on the results of his conversations with Angela Merkel


Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “I think it's a sort of fantasy. You know their position. They try to adhere to this position. Therefore, it is unlikely that this will happen at least at a high level – not to mention the highest level. But maybe this will happen on an expert one. As you see, they don't want to talk and solve this problem at the EU-Belarus level. I’d repeat another time: we don’t give a damn about this issue. We do not consider it and do not worry about it. If they don’t want, then we will deal with these people independently. However, we are not against at any level. The main thing is to protect these people.”