Posted: 19.07.2022 11:49:00

Lukashenko comments on nervous reaction of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to visa-free travels to Belarus

The President has met with Vladimir Karanik, the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, with a report and asked him to share his opinion on the visa-free regime introduced for citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland


“This is primarily your area of responsibility: the border. What is your impression, your point of view on this? Should we preserve this visa-free entry regime? How do people – visitors from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland – react? Most importantly, how do our people feel about this?” the Head of State addressed Mr. Karanik.

The President drew attention to a nervous reaction of the neighbouring countries’ governments to this decision. “You also know that the authorities there are furious. It comes to stupidity: children come under fire already. That is their freedom of speech and human rights,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.