Posted: 19.10.2021 15:05:00

Lukashenko comments on coronavirus fakes

No drug will help those who live on the Internet – as stated by the President of Belarus at a meeting on the epidemiological situation and the measures taken to counter the spread of coronavirus infection 


“If you live on the Internet, God speed! No Remdesivir (antiviral drug) will help you. You should understand that the Internet has become a political battlefield. If you live there, it won't do any good. They [runaway opponents of the government] aim to stir up the country. All of them are staying abroad and start making much ado. Fake information is being spread. True, the situation is tense, and people have become nervous. The psychosis – that we observed during the first wave – is now emerging,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

According to the Head of State, it’s extremely difficult to cure a person who believes coronavirus is worse than stage 4 cancer. “Therefore, people need competent assessments of the situation. That is why we have gathered today to develop approaches based on the laws that we have,” he added.