Posted: 18.01.2022 13:35:00

Lukashenko voices two scenarios of constitutional process

During a session to review the outcomes of the nationwide discussion of the draft Constitution, the Head of State commented on how the constitutional process will develop in Belarus


“Two scenarios will then be available: either people accept the amendments to this Constitution and we get an updated Constitution, or they reject these proposals and the old Constitution remains in force,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said, adding, “This is an overall answer to the question of who benefits from it and who needs it.”

In this regard, the Head of State commented on statements that it is Lukashenko who needs it, “Openly speaking, I absolutely do not need this process. As you can see, I have many issues to focus on, I have something to do. To be sincere, I have sometimes so many of them, that it is not even possible to stay at home, get sick and so on. My sons, my guys, more than 200 people cannot return… I can't help but meet them at the airport [the talk is about meeting the peacekeepers who returned from Kazakhstan]. I cannot entrust this mission to anyone.”

The President concluded, “Therefore, there is no need to focus on Lukashenko in this regard. Lukashenko has done his job. The key remains: to adopt the Constitution, change the laws and bring them into line with the Constitution. We will do it, it is not a problem. We will do it – for everyone to know – with the current Parliament, with you, with the current specialists. We will not look somewhere abroad for specialists, including self-professed – to bring the constitutional process to its logical end. When we do all these, when we polish these and make everything to function smoothly, then – if necessary – please come: we will then form new authorities and live on according to new laws and new rules.”