Posted: 08.06.2023 12:04:00

Lukashenko commented on Ukraine’s counteroffensive

At a meeting with the secretaries of the CSTO security councils, the President of Belarus commented on Ukraine’s counteroffensive. The Head of State said that a large number of Ukrainian equipment had been destroyed lately. Moreover, according to him, a large number of Ukrainian soldiers died. The losses of the parties are completely incomparable.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the day before, in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, they said that the current moment is characterised by the West’s waiting for the results of a ‘counteroffensive’, “Three days of counteroffensive. What we see and the information I received from the Russian President completely coincide. About three dozen advancing Ukrainian tanks were destroyed in three days, as well as 120 or 130 infantry fighting vehicles. You know that defending is easier than attacking. And the worst thing is that more than two thousand one hundred Ukrainians died. A little over seventy people died from the Russian side. Here is the result of the counteroffensive attempt.”

The President recalled what he had already said earlier, “Counteroffensive is a big misinformation. There is no counteroffensive and there cannot be. We see the result of three days. And, most importantly, there’s complete silence on the fourth or fifth day. What does it say? They suffered a serious defeat, and are now thinking with the West what to do next. It’s necessary to sit down at the negotiating table.”