Posted: 18.08.2022 13:17:00

Lukashenko: bread, meat, milk, vegetables, and fruits should be domestically-produced

During a meeting on laying orchards and providing the domestic market with fruits and vegetables, which is taking place in the Grodno Region in the V.I. Kremko production co-operative, the President of Belarus recalled the need for import substitution


The Head of State noted that during the harvesting campaign, increased attention is paid to various areas of agriculture.

“My deepest conviction is that bread, meat, milk, vegetables and, of course, fruits – growing in our climate – should be of domestic production to the maximum,” the President stressed. “Life has repeatedly confirmed the correctness of this approach. You can’t sit and wait for apples to be brought here from Poland or Moldova. As time shows, we cannot wait. Therefore, we need to grow our own. As we saw today, with a skilful approach and adherence to technology, this works out great, and not only in the Grodno Region.”