Posted: 30.05.2023 16:37:00

Lukashenko believes former elite unit servicemen need not to be lost

When deciding on the appointment of Konstantin Molostov as Chairman of the State Border Committee, President Aleksandr Lukashenko called on the security forces to look for new forms and approaches to improving the border protection system and ensuring national security in general


“Keep in mind: servicemen will no longer be sent to the border troops. We need to use the forces that we have," Aleksandr Lukashenko noted. “We have many guys who have served by now. A border guard is a border guard: this is a well-trained and high-minded person. Therefore, we should always keep track of these people.”

According to the President, the same could be said about the men who served, for example, in the Interior Ministry’s internal troops, the special forces unit in Maryina Gorka, and the rapid reaction forces.

“Those who quit should be added to the list, and these are thousands of people – in addition to the mobilisation reserve. You should have people who will be trained: 500, 700 or 1,000. They will do their job in civilian life, but you will call them a couple of times a year to keep them in good shape. You will be able to call them at any moment, and these people will know in which trench they should stay. We must prepare such guys. These are actually very expensive people, we have invested a lot in them, so they should not be lost. Therefore, new elements are needed. We should not call everyone – including those who study at universities, and others – if we lack staff. What about new forms, new approaches? It is necessary to look for new options in this situation and not to harm the national economy (after all, we need people in the national economy). Moreover, people should serve with pleasure,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added.